Please Stop Lying In Your Automated Emails

no more dishonest automated emails

Automated email I recently received: “We were just having coffee the other day, and your name came up.” Hm. Somehow, I doubt that. If you’re not sure what an email marketing funnel is, they’re pretty useful. A gift/freebie/opt-in of some kind, such as a checklist, worksheet, ebook, or discount, is given in exchange for an…

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Check Out Clean Life Clean Home’s New Website!

clean life clean home recovery nonprofit giving back melissa johnson my truth starts here

I met Melissa Johnson with Clean Life. Clean Home. (and her personal blog, My Truth Starts Here) on Instagram. Her before and after pictures (and story) were featured on sobermovement‘s Instagram, and I instantly related to her on many levels. I read her blog, commented, followed her on Facebook and Instagram, basically I went into…

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