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no more dishonest automated emails

Be Honest In Your Automated Emails

January 15, 2018 /

Automated email I recently received: “We were just having coffee the other day, and your name came up.” Hm. Somehow,…

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lessons I learned about listening to people while working at subway - old picture of me at Subway

Can You Hear What Your Client Isn’t Saying?

December 7, 2017 /

 How well do you listen? I went to a popular fast food restaurant yesterday with my husband, and after we…

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When FOMO Gets In The Way of Business Decisions

When FOMO Gets In The Way of Business Decisions

November 25, 2017 /

Black Friday is coming to an end as I write this post, and all I can think is – whew.…

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clean life clean home recovery nonprofit giving back melissa johnson my truth starts here

Check Out Clean Life Clean Home’s New Website!

September 22, 2017 /

I met Melissa Johnson with Clean Life. Clean Home. (and her personal blog, My Truth Starts Here) on Instagram. Her…

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Choosing a Platform: What Do You Want Your Website to Do?

April 16, 2017 /

I’m in a lot of Facebook groups for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and the like. A few common questions run through all…

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Building Websites to Rebuild A Life

March 27, 2017 /

I’m not sure if it was my idea or my husband’s idea for me to learn to build websites. I do…

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