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Please Stop Lying In Your Automated Emails

Jan 15, 2018 |
no more dishonest automated emails

Automated email I recently received: “We were just having coffee the other day, and your name came up.” Hm. Somehow, I doubt that. If you’re not sure what an email marketing funnel is, they’re pretty useful. A gift/freebie/opt-in of some kind, such as a checklist, worksheet, ebook, or discount, is given in exchange for an…

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Can You Hear What Your Client Isn’t Saying?

Dec 7, 2017 |
lessons I learned about listening to people while working at subway - old picture of me at Subway

 How well do you listen? I went to a popular fast food restaurant yesterday with my husband, and after we ordered our food, I realized that mine should have been a combo. I didn’t listen closely enough as he ordered to correct it earlier, so when we got to the window, I asked to make…

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When FOMO Gets In The Way of Business Decisions

Nov 25, 2017 |
When FOMO Gets In The Way of Business Decisions

Black Friday is coming to an end as I write this post, and all I can think is – whew. It’s amazing how quickly I can go from thankful to discontent, and Black Friday made that obvious. Not in the way you’d expect, though. I’m something of a minimalist, and when I’m overwhelmed, I back…

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Check Out Clean Life Clean Home’s New Website!

Sep 22, 2017 |
clean life clean home recovery nonprofit giving back melissa johnson my truth starts here

I met Melissa Johnson with Clean Life. Clean Home. (and her personal blog, My Truth Starts Here) on Instagram. Her before and after pictures (and story) were featured on sobermovement‘s Instagram, and I instantly related to her on many levels. I read her blog, commented, followed her on Facebook and Instagram, basically I went into…

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Choosing a Platform: What Do You Want Your Website to Do?

Apr 16, 2017 |

I’m in a lot of Facebook groups for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and the like. A few common questions run through all of these groups, one of them is the oft-debated “which platform is the best?” question. First of all, what is a website platform? A “website platform” is a website that has additional functionality included as…

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Building Websites to Rebuild A Life

Mar 27, 2017 |

I’m not sure if it was my idea or my husband’s idea for me to learn to build websites. I do know that Jay (my husband, but boyfriend at the time) saw that I was capable of more than I thought I was. At least, that’s what he told me over and over again. When I…

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